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16/10/2011 22:47:50

For those of you not following me on the twitters (@choccieman) things at Chocolate Review will have seemed quiet. However, Mrs Chocadmin and I have been clearing our backlog of chocolate and we now have over 1000 products for you to vote on or review! Also the following changes have been made:

  • The main chocolate page also features separation of chocolate by country of origin
  • The chocolate search is now on the home page so it's easier to find that special bar you're looking for
  • Images for chocolate products have been resized and are now (where possible) 500 pixels wide (previously 200)
  • We're gradually adding links for our favourite blogs and sites to individual product pages (details below)
  • The chocolate forum has been upgraded (finally), it therefore has a better UI and will get new additions soon

While only on a couple so far we're gradually adding links from individual product pages to Foodstuff Finds, Jim's Chocolate Mission, Scandybars (truly the most beautiful pictures of chocolate I've ever seen) and Wikipedia. If you know of other quality sites with reviews or mentions of products featured in Chocolate Review please send us an e-mail at [email protected] 


13/03/2011 20:40:51

It's been a long time since the last chocolate news (day job getting in the way as always), but I'm a very big fan of Cadbury's Spots (boo) v Stripes (yay) campaign and this has recently moved into its new Race Season. First and foremost to this is the new Big Race bar (replacing the old spots v stripes bar) which is well worth trying. The Stripes team were kind enough to send me some goodies along with some Big Race bars including a frisbee and some spots v stripes top trumps! The Big Race wrapper contains a code for you to enter as quickly as you can via the web site. Also on the web site (and via Facebook) are a number of race challenges such as tea making, typing, bed making etc. - it's well worth a visit, as long as you're clocking up points for team stripes!

In other chocolate related news:

Thanks to MostlyAboutChocolate for giving me a kick to put out an update.


Finally if you weren't already aware Oreo Double Stuff are here in the UK (looks like primarily Asda at the moment). Go out and buy some now, or if the shops are shut read my summary on SnackSpot.


28/11/2010 21:16:58

As some of you will know I'm a big fan of Valrhona chocolate so I thought it was about time to bump up the number of their products for voting in the Chocolate Review. 12 Valrhona products have been added today and I urge you all to try as many of them as you can. In the UK some of these can be obtained from Waitrose, the rest from specialist retailers like the Chocolate Trading Co. In Europe and the USA you can go to Valrhona's online shop.

If you've not visited to the site recently you'll also see new products like Twix Fino and Dairy Milk Bliss have been added for your votes and reviews.

Now for some news:

Expect another big update of products to vote on soon - next time it'll be chocolate from Sweden.

17/09/2010 15:36:20

The Christmas season is upon us so check out all that lovely Christmas choc in your local supermarket.

It's been a relatively quiet summer but the autumn has brought some interesting chocolate news, here's a summary:

Finally, Cadbury have been running their excellent Spots v Stripes campaign. If you've tried the challenge bar you can now vote on what you think of it (or write a review) on Chocolate Review. You'll also notice Chocolate Review has gone a bit stripey to show our support for the best and (hopefully) winning team :-) Sign up for team stripes here.

12/06/2010 23:23:01

It's been a while since the last chocolate news update, first things first though. There's a new feature for Chocolate Review users who also use Facebook. Every bar and manufacturer now has a Like button, so not only can you vote on your favourite bars you can also show your friends you 'like' them.


Back to the news, Cadbury's been popular again - first it was nominated the nation's favourite brand, the former chief exec of Cadbury has left with a tasty £40m payout, they've launched the new Crunchie Rocks (which are sadly a bit rubbish), for some crazy reason they've also launched Wispa Duo (does anyone think this is worth while?), there's concern that Kraft's promotion of Milka will undermine Dairy Milk, although Kraft is closing it's UK HQ and moving to Cadburys HQ, as expected Warren Buffett has cut his stake in Kraft because of the Cadbury merger, Kraft has had more criticism over its pledge to keep the Somerdale factory open, the Cadburys Caramel bunny is returning to promote Caramel Nibbles and after 50 years has changed the promotion of Flake and promptly been threatened with legal action.

In other legal troubles Mars is consdering action against Nestle over the Kit Kat cross your fingers campaign, but never mind that you really want to try and make your own 46000 calorie Kit Kat bar :-) and wonder why on earth they're making a Duo version of Kit Kat Chunky Caramel. Also here's a run down of the bizarre Japanese Kit Kat flavours.

How about making your own chocolate bars, that's the plan from Chocomize (USA only at the moment sadly), if you prefer to be a bit more hands-on and can't manage the mega kit kat above, then how about this mega oreo, or make your own pop tarts?

Finally a lovely tale about the ideal gift for the Apple fan who likes chocolate.


09/04/2010 12:03:49

Galaxy Counters are now on Chocolate Review for you to vote on (for those of you lucky enough to have already had some). Don't forget to submit 10 new or updated votes at before midday Sunday for your chance to get a free bag of Counters for yourself. You can also increase your chances of getting free Counters by entering Cinabar's competition here or Jim's competition here.

Some more chocolate news for April:

04/04/2010 01:09:17



The 'other' great season of chocolate consumption is upon us. To celebrate we've got a little competition!


Yes Galaxy Counters will very soon be back for the first time since the eighties. To celebrate this we have a bag to give away! For your chance to win 130g of Galaxy goodness simply login to and vote for at least 10 products between now and 12 midday next Sunday (11th April). If you haven't tried any new chocolate (shame on you) you can always review and update 10 of your existing votes. Sorry Facebook visitors aren't included in the competition this time, only votes logged at count. The winner of the bag will be the first randomly selected from all those who have logged at least 10 new or updated votes between the above times (winner will be notified via e-mail later on the 11th). Good Luck.


When you go to the chocolate page you'll now see (when logged in) that your number of products voted for, rank label and rank relative to other voters is displayed. Please let us know in the forum what you think of this feature (and any other features you'd like to see).


On with some news:

That's all for now. I hope you've all got lots of lovely eggs to tuck into today. Mrs ChocAdmin and I will be munching our way through a rather lovely Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramel.

21/03/2010 21:41:08

Some really big chocolate news for April, Mars will continue their dominance of the 'bag' market because Galaxy Counters are coming back!!

The Cadbury<>Kraft saga is still going, Kraft have had to answer questions from MPs after continuing with the closure of the Keynsham factory (despite suggestions they would not before the takeover).The result is, they're sorry. It's all the fault of Curly Wurly's apparently.

Also with Cadbury, their new Flake advert will sadly never see the light of day. As it's been deemed too naughty :-)

What we will see though is the new design of wrapper for Fry's cream products (quite a nice update, now if they could bring back 5 flavours).

A Welsh firm (currently making novelty sweets for kids) has bought the remains of Kshocolat.

Greanpeace has launched a rather savage attack on Nestle over deforestation for palm oil production. Why they've singled out Nestle and Kit Kat and not other palm oil users is unclear.

Mars has started constructing a new chocolate research facility - this can mean only good things for the wonderful UK market.



07/02/2010 18:01:28

Sadly, as you will have heard, the Kraft takeover of Cadbury has been finalised. So far it looks like jobs are going and prices are going up. We wait to hear what other horrors may follow :-(

In other American developments Mars are releasing 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp, sadly it's unlikely we'll get a Milky Way equivalent here. Instead Mars will start sponsoring some popular ITV programs.

And in other Cadbury news, Green and Blacks will soon finally be completely fair trade - which will save me from having to correct G+B fans who kept getting this wrong (only Maya Gold was fair trade).


Now that the Krad-bury saga is closing we now have a new threat to fear. The idea that Nestle might want to make a play for Hershey! Naturally Chocolate Review is against any reduction in the diversity of the chocolate market (chocolate takeovers are only ok if a company is at risk of going out of business). You can join our Facebook group to show your support (this will probably be a long running story).


In more positive news our Chocolate Flowchart is now at version 1.5, and those nice people at Kellogg's sent me some of their latest product - called Fibre Plus and it's really not bad at all.


19/01/2010 21:36:47

Is today a black day in UK confectionery history? Only time will tell if Kraft's takeover of Cadbury is good or bad for chocolate (sadly it's bound to be bad for jobs in the UK).

Cadbury is the second largest manufacturer on with 120 products voted on, albeit with a not so great average of 6.1 (still better than Nestle though). Will this score rise or fall after the takeover? We'll have to see. No doubt many more products will be discontinued anyway (don't bet on Wispa Gold becoming permanent, despite the seemingly good sales during it's limited run last year).

If you're missing Cadbury of old already, check this article on the BBC with some lovely old images.


In less traumatic news, Mars will be reducing the saturated fats in its products over the summer - allegedly without any change in taste (wonder if the price'll stay the same too?)

In what must be an unfortunately timed announcement Mars will also soon be releasing Galaxy Bubbles (I guess it was only a matter of time before Mars needed an Aero/Wispa competitor).


If you're still down about the Cadbury situation don't forget our fun page - although the Dairy Milk matching game might have a limited lifespan now :-(

17/01/2010 21:03:17

We're heading for the end (or beginning) of the Cadbury takeover saga. Hershey are expected to put in a counter bid to Kraft's and there are rumours of Kraft increasing their bid to woo more shareholders. For all the latest information check out our Facebook group. You can also join the Friends of Cadbury for news and to show your support in keeping Cadbury independent - you could win a £50 Cadbury hamper too!


If you haven't visited in a while you'll find some new features:

  • You can now link your Chocolate Review account to your Facebook account (using Facebook Connect) - instructions in the general forum (then you can vote or update your votes via or our facebook application).
  • Voting and updating your vote is more streamlined, gradually this functionality will be added throughout the site to speed everything up.
  • If you're struggling to decide what chocolate to buy try our new chocolate flowchart! Inspired by the food flowcharts of this chocolate flowchart will guide you through a wide variety of (mostly) UK chocolate products, all of which are linked to further details on the Chocolate Review where you can vote or add your own mini-reviews!
  • The reason for the word mostly in the above point, is that Chocolate Review now features some USA chocolate products. Soon we'll be adding some other non-UK products and the (very long awaited) ability to upload your own products for others to vote and review.

Chocolate News to start 2010:

01/01/2010 12:07:15

Happy New Year from the Chocolate Review!

2009 was a good year for all things chocolate, let's hope 2010 is even better - and isn't marred by the potential takeover of Cadbury.

Some chocolate review facts from 2009:

  • Number of products added to the review in 2009 - 56
  • Product added in 2009 with the most votes - Milka Caramel
  • Product added in 2009 with the highest average vote - Milka and Daim
  • Product with the biggest increase in average during 2009 - Galaxy Dark
  • Product with the biggest decrease in average during 2009 - After Eight Milk

Now some chocolate news to close 2009:

23/12/2009 22:12:42

Great bit of news here from the Mail, the Queen has her own special chocolate - and it's made by Cadbury!

As mentioned in the last update prices might go up, and this article shows that Cadbury has raised it's prices by as much as 25% (it's no reason to justify Kraft, or anyone else to take them over though).

Speaking of Cadbury there's not really any news about the bid from Kraft (or expected counter offer from Hershey). Brand experts also agree it won't be good for Cadbury if Kraft take over. Don't forget to vote about the take over via our homepage (so far 85% are in favour of an independent Cadbury) - and there's also our Facebook group you can join to show your support for an independent Cadbury.

How about theobromine shaped jewellery (sorry a bit late for Christmas gifts).

Those of you worried about an American take over knowing how bad their 'chocolate' tastes - this story explains why it's so, um, different.

That's all for this chocolate news update all that remains is for me to wish you all a very Merry (and chocolatey) Christmas!

06/12/2009 16:12:18

The Cadbury takeover talks rumble on. Kraft has tabled another identical offer (£10.1billion), and Hershey are now apparently in talks with Nestle for a bid too (although they'd rather go it alone if they could). What are your views on this? You can now vote for your favourite owner at or see all the news on our Facebook group at

In other chocolate news:

Rising palm oil prices could mean higher chocolate prices (sugar and cocoa are already high)

Mars employ solar power for a chocolate factory in America

Be on the lookout for cardboard Roses 'tins' in Tesco

Further proof that Americans prefer UK chocolate (particularly Flake in this instance) - maybe if Hershey did buy Cadbury they'd be able to get access to more :-)

11/10/2009 21:12:45

Chocolate Week is here. It's the UK chocolate event of the year, go here for a list of events - or just use it as an excuse to eat more choccie!

Big news continues to be the potential takeover of Cadbury by Kraft (owners of Terrys, CoteDor, Milka etc). Lots more details can be found on our Facebook group Keep Cadbury Independent. At present it looks like everything hangs on the trading update from Cadbury this week (sadly no chance of a bidding war). The new bid has to be in before the 9th November and we can only hope common sense will prevail rather than short term minded greed.

And finally, some concern that prices may be going up as cocoa prices are very high due to a 40 year shortage!

Don't forget to use the Chocolate Review Facebook app at and follow us on Twitter at

14/09/2009 21:14:41

As many of you will have seen another big update of products to vote on has hit the Chocolate Review (logon and get voting).

The big chocolate news is that Kraft (owners of Terrys, Toblerone and Cote Dor) made a bid last week to take over Cadbury! Fortunately Cadbury rejected the bid and are standing their ground, but there are rumours of a combined Nestle/Hershey bid to come and a possible hostile takeover by Kraft. Don't let the Americans take our chocolate. Join the discussion on our forum or our Facebook group Keep Cadbury Independent!

Hopefully you have already bought a/many Wispa Gold. Remember it's only around for a limited time and the more Cadbury sell the more likely it is to be a permanent product (and hey they might be encouraged to bring back Wispa Mint).

What I wasn't expecting was the return of Mars Dark (previously known as Mars Midnight and Mars Dark and White). There's an official site at suggesting a launch on 16th September (I'm awaiting a reply from Mars for official details).

In other news -  a rather bizarre task, create a chocolate bar that tastes of yellow.

Lastly I thought it was about time to do a quick review of some blog sites that I check now and then:

Obviously not overly happy about the url's of those last two (they're nothing to do with this site), but still there's some good reviews and chocolate info out there. If you know of any other good chocolate news/review sites out there e-mail me, or better yet tweet me.

31/08/2009 16:05:35

Another update for Facebook users, the Chocolate Review app can now access all the chocolate in the chocolate review web site (and more details are visible without leaving Facebook). Try it now at

As usual any comments or requests please send to [email protected]

You can also now follow me for chocolate news and review updates via Twitter (@choccieman)


On to the chocolate news:


05/07/2009 18:59:48

Attention Facebook users. Try out our new Facebook interface at (note this doesn't link up with your chocolate review account so you can vote again for your favourites).

Many thanks to gilly1995 for placing the 20,000th vote in the chocolate review.

Our top news item is that Cadbury is relaunching (albeit for a limited time) Wispa Gold - hurrah! (come on Nestle time to bring back Vice Versa's as requested by our readers).

More chocolate news:
Mars move to Rainforest Alliance certification for their Galaxy line
The Milkybar kid is back (again)
University of Warwick invent a 'chocolate' powered racing car
Rising ingredient costs mean smaller Mars and Snickers bars for the same price
Cadbury are going retro with Chomp, Freddo, Curly Wurly and Fudge
Got an ipod shuffle? Then get a chocolate cover for it

And finally, we've been promising it for a while but very soon you'll be able to submit your own products to the review. The launch of this will be joined by the release of non-UK products into the review. Expect a news update on this in the next week or two.


08/04/2009 23:42:45Our last news item didn't get to everyone (sorry about that), so for those that missed it please check out our updated forum (it's quicker and there's a new shoutbox).
There's a new review available on the site - this time for Kelloggs Totally Chocolatey Squares (and quite a few new products to vote on).
I'm sure you're all watching the (slightly crazy) antics of Willie Harcourt-Cooze on Channel 4 at the moment (last episode on Thursday night), and his new bar is proving rather popular. We'll wait and see if it changes the chocolate bar market much (higher cocoa products were already getting popular, but maybe the quality will improve too).
If you're hungry at work how about a chocolate keyboard.
Finally, horror of horrors how about breathable chocolate - how eliminating the melt in the mouth element of chocolate can be anywhere near as good I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see if it gets launched (and isn't just another April fool).

15/03/2009 20:55:56

First some site news. Some more products have been added for you to vote on, bringing the total number to 636 and (at the time of writing) you've logged 19886 votes and 1313 mini-reviews!
Also the chocolate forum has been updated, this is now quicker and has a better shout box - check it out here.

Proof that biscuits are better with chocolate - chocolate digestives have been voted best biscuit to dunk in your tea (4 of the top 10 biscuits were chocolate varieties).

Fantastic news that Cadbury is going fair trade. This is something we've needed for such a long time, let's hope the rest of the industry will follow suit (but please no more silly adverts).

As per prior rumours Cadbury is bringing back the Caramel bunny and changing the wrapper of Dairy Milk Caramel (although the name isn't changing back to 'Caramel').

Many of you will have heard of the horrific (and idiotic) idea of bringing in a 'chocolate tax'. This idea isn't going anywhere - yet. Join the discussion on this in the forum.

04/01/2009 21:08:25Happy Chocolate New Year!
First some news about changes and updates to the Chocolate review web site. The pages for individual manufacturers now have a link to list all the products in the review they make, the main chocolate listing page now features an automatic random product (rather than a link for one), and on the data/voting pages for individual chocolate products you'll now find listings for cocoa solids and milk solids and (perhaps most importantly) also a listing for products that people love if they voted highly for the product you're viewing.
There's also been a bit of a clear out, so many many new items have been added to the review for you to vote on. A complete list of recent additions can be found at the end of this e-mail.
Please vote on smurfy's Best Choc of 2008 poll
Proof that all the pleading for their return was worth it, apparently 10 million wispas sold so far
Will 2009 be a year of more crazy flavours like bacon 
Look out for Nestle's Perfect Break competition between now and march
Dreams and Crunchies to go from Cadbury Heroes to be replaced with Bournvilles and (ugh) toffee eclairs
We're used to Christmas chocolate appearing in September, but now Easter chocolate appears immediately after Christmas (many reported seeing chocolate eggs on boxing day!), so will we now see Christmas chocolate from April?!
Orange and Cardamom
Divine Dark
Dark Chocolate with Green Tea Extract
Penguin Bake
Dairy Milk Cranberry and Granola
Dairy Milk Apricot Crumble Crunch
Kit Kat Cauppuccino
Penguin Wafer
Penguin Big Stix
Rudi the Reindeer
Bernie the Bear
Toffee Crisp
Cookie Bars
Milk and Spiced Fruit
Dark and Gingerbread
Biting Back - White with a hint of lemon
Biting Back - Milk Chocolate Crunch
Biting Back - Dark with Orange
Finest Milk Chocolate
Finest White Chocolate
Finest Milk Chocolate with caramelised salted almonds
Finest Plain Chocolate with Ginger
White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Choxi Dark with Ginger
Divine Fruit and Nut Dark
Excellence Roasted Almond
Dark Chocolate with Thyme
Cao Grande Lait
10/10/2008 22:09:58Hello everyone, sorry for the very overdue Chocolate News Update (my lovely wife's just had an operation you see).
First just to remind you all, next week is Chocolate Week! See the chocolate week website for details:

Next, there's going to be a UK Chocolate Show this year! - In fact more than one. The first is in Norwich Nov 28-30 but the show will tour the country! See for details.

I've created a little quiz about chocolate bars, you can try it out at the Buzz web site here: or play it in game if you have Buzz for the PS3.

Cadbury have created a fun little chocolate factory game where you can combine all kinds of interesting ingredients (cabbage anyone?). Unleash your creativity at and maybe Cadbury will make your concoction (that'll bring the innovation to the market I'm always going on about).

On to the regular chocolate news:
Cadbury has launched Creme Egg Twisted (and quite nice it is too)
Wispa has now been brought back permanently (well done to everyone that bought them in the trial period to encourage Cadbury to keep 'em)
Smarties are now 70 years old
Rather oddly, a band (Innerpartysystem) release a single on Chocolate instead of vinyl
Divine chocolate is named Observer ethical business of the year
The first Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate is on the way
Fancy a chocolate reproduction of a famous landmark? - they're a bit pricey though
Some lovely looking new options for Penguins have been revealed (and they'll be available to vote on the web site soon)
Interesting info about Kshocolat - square eggs next Easter sounds interesting
If you haven't already tried them Cadbury have launched a couple of new variants on Dairy Milk (big bar versions available for voting on the web site)
Hilariously Selfridges has launched a chocolate called Credit Crunch (sounds nice at least as they're using Valrhona chocolate)
Earlier this year Thorntons launched the biggest box of chocolates (175,000 individual chocolates)
Sadly after 100 years, production at the old Nestle factory in York has ended
Twinings has made a rather tasty sounding chocolate drink using real Swiss chocolate
Finally; Nestle are taking Toffee Crisp into the sharing sector, lets hope it's more successful that KitKat Kubes (it's a bit boring with Mars dominating so much there)
18/05/2008 21:09:08Big Site News:
After a busy series of tests our Chocolate Review Forum has now been migrated to a new software platform. This should be quicker than the old one, have fewer bugs and enable a number of new features. This has also led to a change in our registration and login systems (note to un/subscribe to this email and chocolate updates this is now part of the forum profile settings). There will also be a number of other changes over the next couple of weeks to add/tweak a number of other features too.
The biggest addition to this forum - we now have a games arcade! So you can hang out playing games and still stay in touch with all our chocolate discussion (just click the Arcade link in the forum).
On with the chocolate news:
Some useful and important information about Malagasy chocolate and their equitrade philosophy
Madonna loves Cadbury Creme Eggs
Hurrah for Cadbury as they plan to bring back Wispa permanently
What is it with thieves and chocolate, £20,000 worth of flakes stolen
Honda lose it completely and ban chocolate at work?!
16/03/2008 19:59:43A new in depth review extra is now online. This time for Hotel Chocolat's Rocky Road to Caramellow Egg.
Time's running out to enter our competition with Hotel Chocolat (closing 18 March), here's a reminder of the details:

Win luxury Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat

Easter is coming around the corner very quickly and everyone wants that extra special Easter Egg! Chocolate Review has teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer you a chance to win some of Hotel Chocolat’s extra special, extra thick Easter Eggs.To enter, click here and simply answer six questions which will take you on an Easter egg hunt to find the secret code. Once you have answered each question, use the first letter of each answer to reveal the secret code. If you have found the right answer you stand a chance to win one of Hotel Chocolat’s stunning Extra Thick Easter Eggs

Also don't forget our other competition with Kinder to win 52 Kinder Beuno's! Click here to enter.

Easter News:
Speaking of Kinder Beuno, Ferrero are going to launch a white version
Cadbury have some Easter Egg trail events going on next weekend
Thanks to Adam at Smart Planet for this great behind the scenes video at Green and Blacks
McVitie's see the light and bring back Dark Chocolate Hob Nobs
Apparently (allegedly?) Cadbury has the most products with one or more additives that contribute to hyperactivity in children
A nice interview here with Willie Harcourt-Cooze (from the current Channel 4 programme)
08/03/2008 11:41:07COMPETITION TIME AGAIN
Yes we have more competitions for you to enter.
First up is in association with Kinder. The lucky winner will receive a tasty Kinder Bueno for every week of the year (yes 52 bars!). All you have to do is click here and answer the simple question to enter.
Our second competition is with Hotel Chocolat here are the details:

Win luxury Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat

Easter is coming around the corner very quickly and everyone wants that extra special Easter Egg! Chocolate Review has teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer you a chance to win some of Hotel Chocolat’s extra special, extra thick Easter Eggs.To enter, click here and simply answer six questions which will take you on an Easter egg hunt to find the secret code. Once you have answered each question, use the first letter of each answer to reveal the secret code. If you have found the right answer you stand a chance to win one of Hotel Chocolat’s stunning Extra Thick Easter Eggs

Now to the chocolate news:
A truck filled with chocolate crashes in America (mercifully no chocolate was spilt)
Old Wispa bar is auctioned on eBay (wonder if it'll be examined for differences with the re-issued version)
Hurrah for the return of blue smarties
For those of you into online social networking, Mars has built an application for Facebook for 'celebrating' with their products.
How about a chocolate Ferrari F1 car (sadly not for sale and already eaten)
Mars is bringing back Work, Rest and Play
Cadbury/Burton's launching toffee crunch fingers until September (and the dark ones are now permanent)
Kit Kat Dark is voted chocolate confectionery product of the year (only 6.8/10 in our review at present, but I'm guessing the voters didn't have as many choices to vote on ;-)
Finally, in case you haven't seen it yet - here's the new Flake advert
06/02/2008 22:01:46

Our newest review extra is now online, this time for Hotel Chocolat's Love Selection Box. Click here for the review.

In the news; Cadbury is funding a project to increase yield of cocoa crops (maybe it'll keep prices down).

Great sounding new chocolate TV show coming to Channel 4 about one man's quest to make premium chocolate, using Venezuelan cocoa (very tasty). Sadly the name is Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory (never mind). More details here.

Rudolph Spruengli sadly died in January, former chairman of Lindt. Details here.

Cadbury is launching a new bar based on the creme egg called Creme Egg Twisted.

And Mr T is coming back in some more Snickers adverts!

01/01/2008 22:53:46

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM Chocolate Review
We hope all your chocolate fantasies were fulfilled at Christmas and you'll have a chocolatey 2008.

The last couple of months have been fairly quiet, so here's a run down of the last few news stories of 2007:
A new chocolate manufacturer, Chokolit, is supplying products to Sainsburys and Waitrose - the difference is this firm is owned by a 15 year old.
After the (very) successful temporary relaunch of Wispa, the social networking masses now want the return of Wispa Gold (well it is number 3 in our discontinued chart).
Easter comes early this year, so here are the details of what Nestle will be offering us.
And Tesco and Woolworths are already selling Easter products (Cadbury's advertising for creme egg has already begun too).

I was sent an interesting press release from Mars/Masterfoods (well their PR company anyway). Apparently a lot of anaylsis has gone into those new Galaxy bars (which in my opinion are a definite step up from the old bars). Lots about the size of a woman's mouth and the aesthetics of curves (although they go a bit far by giving a list of iconic curvy things). I'll post the whole release on the forum soon.

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call any chocolate 'waste', but here's a truck powered by the stuff.

Another PR group got in touch, apparently Kinder Bueno has its own web site too now  (beauty and fashion rather than chocolate is the focus there).

Cadbury had a good year despite the disputes over closing factories, thanks in part to the temporary introduction of Wispa.

I didn't like the Cadbury gorilla. Hopefully Joss Stone will be in better ads as she becomes the first non-model to be the Flake girl

Finally, don't miss out on our poll of the top new product of 2007. You can find this in the General section of our Forum.

Thanks for all your support in 2007. Here's to a choctastic 2008.

18/10/2007 20:59:53

Chocolate Week is almost done, see for a list of events. If you can't make any just use it as an excuse to eat some more choc!

In case you weren't aware, Wispa is now out for a limited time. We've put Wispa into the current snack bar category and put Texan back into discontinued, so Wispa is currently the number 1 snack bar in the review!

Finally Green and Blacks have a chocolate debate competition (seems they want input on how to improve their products).

24/09/2007 19:42:16

Competition Time!

Win a luxury chocolate gift for a loved one

Yes Chocolate Review have teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer you the chance to win a decadent box of chocolates from their summer range, AND a bottle of champagne, for a loved one.

To enter, go to  and tell us in 100 words or less why we should surprise your loved one with this luxury gift.  It’s time to tug on our heart strings and get out your violin, as the most compelling entry will win!  The competition closes on 5 October and entries will appear live on the Hotel Chocolat site.

Meanwhile in chocolate news, we've been sent a rather interesting item from the Institue of Contemporary Arts, apparently an artist - Enrico David - has collaborated with Rococo to produce a limited edition wrapper for their cardamom bar. It makes it look even classier than normal. Not sure if this is likely to be confined to London, so we'll update this item on the web site with the artwork and any further details as we get them.

We've found a new Nestle Black Magic bar, so expect that to be on site to vote on soon (along with the new range of Galaxy bars, which are really rather good).

Lastly, a few of you have had difficulties getting the web site to send you your password, sorry about this. It should be working fine now.
UPDATE: Apparently the Enrico David are on sale only at the London Rococo store and are a limited run of 500.

03/09/2007 23:45:35

A new Review Extra is available. Once again Hotel Chocolat sent us a quality product for taste testing. Click here to read the review. Also we're now a Hotel Chocolat affiliate. This means if you click on the Hotel Chocolat logo on our site and then go on to make a purchase we'll get a small percentage of the sale to help keep the Chocolate Review running. Very soon we also hope to have a competition in association with Hotel Chocolat to win some lovely summer chocolates!

An overdue chocolate news update (although the summer has been fairly quiet despite the lack of chocolate melting weather).
Cadbury are sorry for the salmonella outbreak, so let's not give them a hard time.
More doom and gloom for the price of chocolate, this time due to the cost of milk - so time to try some quality dark chocolate if you haven't already.
A quick reminder of Chocolate Week (don't worry it's not till October)
Still haven't seen any of the new Black Magic bars 'in the wild'
You've probably already heard, but Wispa is coming back! Apparently due to campaigns on Facebook and MySpace, but I like to think we helped too.

Finally, we're supporting the 2008 Chocolate Show at the Birmingham NEC. More details in the next update.
The Chocolate Show

31/05/2007 16:24:39Sort-of competition alert: Yes it's time we updated the logo for so I appeal to you all for your ideas and contributions. Full details can be found in the General section of the Chocolate Forum
Quite a bit of chocolatey news has happened since our last mailing so here's a summary:
 - Divine Chocolate announces their first share dividend distribution, a large portion of which goes directly to cocoa farmers (£47k)
 - As you all already knew - chocolate is better than kissing
 - Masterfoods are bringing out premium bite-size choccies for Christmas - hopefully they'll be a bit more interesting than Galaxy Promises
 - There must be some sweet-toothed thieves around, a truckload of Breakaways are stolen then only a few days later 250k Flake bars are nicked!
 - Masterfoods (who may be renamed Mars later in the year), makes a mistake in admitting it can't guarantee animal rennet free ingredients in its products using new supplies and then promptly reverses it's decision
 - Lindt innovate once again, now they're making a bar with a dark chocolate shell and mousse inside - can't wait to try that one.
 - We might fear for the innovation if the rumours are true that Cadbury might buy Lindt!
 - Drifter, yet another Nestle product to stop production at York, fortunately it's not going overseas this time.
 - No idea who voted in this poll that made Dairy Milk number 1 (again), what's interesting is that curly wurly made it to number 2 (whilst only getting 7.2/10 in our review)
Finally while I am living proof it doesn't apply to humans, chocolate has been found to help memory in mice
24/03/2007 21:36:34

We have a new section to the Chocolate Review today, 'Review Extra'. This area will contain extended reviews of selected chocolate products (whether or not they're available to vote on in the main site). The first Review Extra is a very nice egg that was sent to me by Hotel Chocolat, click to read the review and leave any comments you have in our forum.

Nestle are once again going to make something new and different for us all, Black Magic bars!

Chocolate season is nearly here, some call it 'Easter', when we are required to consume more choc. than normal (if that's even possible). Cadbury don't do too well in this recent Which? survey.

Big news of the month is that it looks like Cadbury is going to split its confectionery and drinks businesses, hopefully this will mean they can put more focus into bringing us new and better products. Perhaps they'll bring back Wispa seeing as the BBC are under the impression it's still in production!

Whether or not Which? think those eggs are any good, once again thieves have made off with a truck load of Cadbury's.

Here's a good article about our growing love of dark chocolate (including some recommendations I'd agree with at the bottom), and the seemingly always getting worse cocoa crisis.

18/02/2007 22:15:31

Cadbury's problems keep coming, now a hiccup with egg labelling (which actually got worse). On the upside they're bringing back the Flake girl (feels like much more than 5 years since the last).

As you may or may not have heard yet for this years Red Nose Day for Comic Relief each red nose includes a free chocpix image (hurrah for chocolate, shame it's only the white stuff though).

Masterfoods/Mars already clearly very dominant with bite size choc (maltesers or minstrels anyone?) - are now planning to launch Mars Planets whilst at the same time stopping marketing to children under 12 (do they really eat mars or snickers?).

Finally for those gamers among you, how about this - chocolate Wii controllers (again sadly white choc.)

31/01/2007 23:45:39

Looks like Cadbury might have had another slip up: finding a bug on their chocolate. Maybe it's healthier - you know, more protein

Check this out for a really good account of the success story that is Divine Chocolate (some more of their products appearing soon for your votes).

Sad news that the inventor of the Freddo Frog bar has died.

And yet more sad news for '07 as it looks very likely this year will mark the end of the (now 30 year old) Lion bar (add your comments on this in our forum).

To make up for it Nestle are making a new product range called Heaven. They're the last of the big 3 to join the 'almost premium'* market (if you count Cadbury with their ownership of G+B's and Masterfoods with Galaxy Promises) so let's hope it's a bit more successful than the Double Cream attempt (although they'll have stiff competition from Lindt, Divine and Cote Dor).
* - I say almost premium because we all know the real premium chocolate market is that of the Rococo's and Valrhona's ;-)


08/01/2007 14:35:34

Important news from we've moved!
The web site is now on a commercial host which will allow us more opportunity for give-aways, competitions etc. several new updates to the site are on the way, more details will appear in the forum soon.

The big chocolate news is that everyone has signed up to start promoting the amount of calories in their chocolate products:

Oh and whilst Easter probably did start before Christmas (thanks OldSpice and others in the forum) the real marketing has only just begun.

Perhaps the Chinese ambassador can't afford posh chocs as Ferrero goes to court.

16/12/2006 00:41:42

Many thanks to Smurfy for coming up with this idea: Vote now on our Forum for your favourite newcomer of 2006!

Cadbury still suffering from the salmonella problems earlier in the year.
Workington sounds like a good place to go to if they get this chocolate cafe and shop.
Gold plated chocolate fountain? Next year Platinum?
Masterfoods not in the festive mood with distribution of celebrations?
Sad news that Burtons are in trouble.
Some details on Nestles efforts in reducing transfat usage in their products. 

19/11/2006 17:37:30

Latest chocolate news:

Some students out there so desperate for the return of super king size bars steal fibre glass choc!
Even the US of A finally beginning to understand what 'real' chocolate is all about.
Cadbury recovering after their problems at the beginning of the year, although the hot summer was obviously not a great thing for chocolate sales.
We like chocolate art so how about a chocolate igloo - still waiting for a giant chocolate teapot.
Nestle<->York jobs situation continues - and we're still not keen about our beloved assortment boxes going overseas - at least there's hope smarties could stay.
After all these years Cadbury are finally leaving Corrie.

Many new chocolate products for you to vote on coming real soon, so keep checking the site.

18/10/2006 22:30:58

Once again job losses are heading to the UK chocolate industry. Nestle are looking to shed 645 jobs at the York factory, would we really still buy those great selection box icons Black Magic and Dairy Box if they came all the way from the Czech Republic and Spain (respectively)? Fortunately talks have been progressing with the Unions so hopefully it won't be a crippling blow and at least Kit Kats, Aero's, Milky Bars and Yorkies are here to stay.

Without Nestle's great ties to Yorkshire would Leeds Uni. have come up with a clever new way to make conching cheaper?

Chocolate towers over all with a new record of 20ft 8ins

Earlier this year production of Dairy Milk temporarily headed over to France (it's back now, but I wonder what the French thought about making something with such low cocoa solids?)

Speaking of which, we're now (finally?) getting more of a taste for dark chocolate, I think it'll be a long time before we all join the 70% club (and I'm sure they're all horrified that we think of Bourneville as 'dark'). 
That news brings us back to Nestle as they were kind enough to send me samples of the new Kit Kat Fine Dark (which is now available for voting on site). I urge you all to give it a try even if you're not a regular 'dark' lover. They really have put some effort in to soften the shock to the average UK consumers 'vegelate' tastes. Note that this is a new product and is not the same as the old limited edition kit kat dark product that was available before (for a start it has 52% cocoa solids).
Nestle went on to tell me that they have moved to a new strategy of launching permanent additions to their ranges (instead of those crazy flavoured short-lived limited editions of last year), peanut butter chunky kit kat was the first of these.

Finally (and I'm very late to mention it), it's CHOCOLATE WEEK!  Still a couple of days to go so check out for details (and use it as an excuse to have an extra bar at lunch time!).


14/09/2006 16:04:35

A chocolate news update that is very long overdue. I'll try and summarise the news stories you may have missed:

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed Christmas has already started (from a chocolate point of view). Go to your local major supermarket, you'll probably find the new 70th Anniversary Quality Street and some new products from Green and Blacks.

02/04/2006 15:16:15

Time for a chocolate news round-up:

 Nestle recruit a Michelin starred chef to create some new flavours for one of their brands, how long before we get even more bizarre Kit Kats?
Junk food (including chocolate) now banned from Schools.
An increase in the popularity of chocolate in the Asia-Pacific region could spell the start of expensive times ahead for all of us who love chocolate.
Cadbury's new ad campaign has started (thank goodness the 'happiness' one is far behind us) - my only query is how many teen romeo's go round carrying 200g bars of Dairy Milk?
Masterfoods go a bit defensive over Galaxy Promises, maybe they'll revamp the flavours as so far in the review only the caramel variety has got half-decent scores.
Just what you might need after watching Planet Earth's program on deserts tonight - chocolate made with camel milk, no word on how heat resistant it is yet.
A reminder of the dangers of pets and chocolate.

Later today several new (and not so new) products will appear on the review so don't forgot to submit your votes.

12/02/2006 16:57:57Cadbury and Mars are introducing new nutritional labelling to their products, maybe this will limit the attack on chocolate products from the anti-obesity campaigners. There is an interesting chart on the BCCCA site that shows there is no real connection between chocolate and sugar confectionery consumption and obesity.
As Valentines day approaches, forget those messy deep fried Mars bars, what you really want (apparently) is chocolate pizza! Or if you're a bit more nostalgic how about a 104 year old bar!
Finally, Wave 105 top radio station in the South (and supporters of the Chocolate Review) are now running a contest to find the top breakfast cereal. We urge you all to vote for your favourites (don't worry coco pops are through to the second round at least).
03/02/2006 16:21:31In Scotland the wave of no chocolate in Schools movement continues (shouldn't they be educating the kids why too much fatty food is bad rather than just banning it?). For those lucky enough to be able to buy chocolate Nestle's new labels will help them count their calories for the day.
Cadbury continues to sell to soap watchers with a renewed deal for Coronation Street, it must be working as Dairy Milk is still the number one UK choc. Back at Nestle Chris White leaves for not halting the slide of their market share in confectionary (at least he brought some much needed innovation back to the UK market, and is he responsible for the wonderful return of Texan?).
Cadbury World is getting a big refurb. so you are all urged to support this great chocolate mecca.
Nestle start the ball rolling on environmentally friendly packaging for chocolate, will this eventually mean a trend back to cardboard wrapping for bars?
And finally the Swiss are sending us more chocolate than ever (as if you didn't know), although we haven't seen any clever new bars from Lindt recently.
07/01/2006 18:07:20


New Year chocolate news:
A house made of chocolate now there's an idea.
Sadly another politician (potential Prime Minister in fact) jumps on the band wagon against the chocolate industry, with the line why aren't WH Smith offering half price oranges instead of Chocolate Oranges at the checkout? - well er, perhaps coz they go off much quicker, there's less profit in them and the fruit industry doesn't target newsagents?! I don't think you can call that the fault of the chocolate makers. I don't know what all the fuss is about 'clever' marketing techniques, Cadbury had a near disaster last year with the happiness campaign and far fewer supermarkets stock sweets by the checkouts than days gone by.
Perhaps they'll be trying to ban this new cocoa based diet pill even if it works, as chocolate is clearly seen by some as some as the only cause of obesity in this country (changes in lifestyle and other elements of diet are seemingly less important).
The NCC and National Obesity Forum are perhaps two groups that feel this way as a renewed attack on chocolate makers gets underway. I personally avoid eating larger countline chocolate products these days, but when I was a student I used to eat loads (back then you could even get Mars Mega). People have the right to choose what they eat, effectively banning higher calorie chocolate products while unable to affect the sale of products that are more likely to cause harm and even death (alcohol, cigarettes etc.) shows that the government is interested purely in the financial issues and not the general health of the population (and also the absurdity of the pressure put on chocolate makers last year to agree to drop such product lines).
Looking forward to the rest of 2006 let's hope the innovations from last year continue (Nestle's many Kit Kat variants and Masterfoods/Mars Galaxy Promises).
20/12/2005 13:33:12NEW FEATURE - Send electronic postcards to your friends.
All Chocolate Review members can now send chocolate themed ecards using our new postcard system. Available at

In the news:
More evidence that chocolate is good for you (even if it is 74% cocoa)
What on earth are people doing, eating less chocolate? - you must eat more, now, now, NOW!
14/12/2005 20:18:16Nestle apparently in trouble for the continued Not for Girls campaign (although I thought there was a rumour it had actually increased the number of sales to females).
Caley's goes Fairtrade - there's a brand that could do with more supermarkets picking up.
Let's hope Cadbury's supply problems are all sorted now.
Chocpix to unveil the first edible comic, no idea what you do if it start melting while you're trying to read it.
KitKash is back! (doesn't go live till January though)
Cadbury recalls some mini advent calendars after an allergy alert.

16/11/2005 21:41:33Vote Now!
Wave 105 - top radio station in the South and supporters of the Chocolate Review are in the final stages of their latest online vote, this time to find the top biscuit.
There are just a few hours left for you to vote for your favourite between Chocolate Digestives and Custard Creams. Vote now:
15/11/2005 14:45:05New chocolate range is launched (probably very expensive), containing chinese herbs alongside the normal ingredients (apparently to give you all manner of different experiences). Not sure about the name Orgasmic Chocolates though.
The obesity madness starts again with an East Anglian school urging children to not bring chocolate in their packed lunches 4 days a week, suggesting cereal bars as one alternative (very likely to be much higher in calories than your standard penguin bar, or have children moved up to Mars bars now?).
Now if only we could get hold of some of this in time for Christmas - Chocolate scented packaging!
Nestle due to get rid of the Double Cream bar, it was a noble attempt against the CDM brand. Please Nestle just don't get rid of Double Chocolate!
We're very sorry to see Chris White leave Nestle UK, let's hope this doesn't bring an end to Nestle's innovation that has really surprised us over the last 18 months or so. Paul Grimwood is his replacement previously MD of Nestle's petcare in the UK.
Kinnerton - they of pretty much all the childrens tie-in chocolate products are launching an adult brand called Cocoa Deli more details of this as we hear more.
29/10/2005 17:34:47 Chocolate news from the last couple of months-
Wraps come off exploding chocolate
Thorntons sets out to woo back chocolate buyers
Cadbury Schweppes sees future in confectionery
Food giants are accused of dodging 'super-size' pledge  - funny I think we'd all agree a large number of the big snack products have disappeared (especially Cadbury king sizes)
After 250 years, Terry's chocolate factory melts away lets hope this isn't a sign that more chocolate production will leave the UK
Allergic to Chocolate? - fortunately very rare
Don't get me started on how nasty this sounds - Chef rustles up chocolate curry
Consumers ignore health for chocolate - not that chocolate in itself harmful of course, especially compared to other so called junk foods (those of you on a proper health kick should still eat high cocoa content chocolate though :)
New Mars bars are better by half - yes packaging to help you save some for later - as if thats going to happen ;-)
ginger, sultanas and rum in a digestive? - Gran creates ‘a taste of the sun' -- in a biccy
Win a month's supply of chocolate!
Chocolate Week is now Chocolate Festival 2005. Starting on October 31st (Monday) through till Sunday 6th November. Details of all the events going on can be found on their web site at

As many of you will have noticed we've also added a very large number of new product for you to vote on and review (there are now over 400 products in the review!). This was mostly clearing the back log of scanned wrappers that hadn't made it online due to lack of time. For those not signed up for the notification e-mails here is a list of all the products added recently (long list - sorry):
  Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut (Big Bar)
Lindt Swiss Bittersweet (Big Bar)
Nestle Kit Kat Dark (Biscuit Bar)
Nestle Giant Rolo (Bag/Sweet)
Green and Blacks Caramel (Big Bar)
Green and Blacks Mint (Big Bar)
Cadbury Mint Crisp (Big Bar)
Cadbury Old Jamaica (Big Bar)
Thorntons Viennese (Standard Bar)
Nestle Aero Snow Chunky (Standard Bar)
Nestle Milkybar Munchies (Bag/Sweet)
Master Foods Bounty Calapuno (Bag/Sweet)
Hannahs Giant White Bar (Standard Bar)
Lindt Petits Desserts Creme Brulee (Big Bar)
Lindt Petits Desserts Hazelnut Praline (Big Bar)
Lindt Excellence Nougat Montelimar (Big Bar)
Burtons Foods Ltd Alpen (Standard Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut (Standard Bar)
Co-Op Turkish Delight Bar (Standard Bar)
Nestle Quality Street (Bag/Sweet)
Nestle Quality Street Nostalgia (Bag/Sweet)
Kraft Toblerone (Big Bar)
Nestle Vice Versas (Standard BarStandard Bar)
Nestle Double Berry (Standard Bar)
Tesco Fair Trade Plain Chocolate (Standard Bar)
Lindt Petits Desserts Dark Orange (Big Bar)
Kraft Toblerone Capped (Big Bar)
Nestle Kit Kat Kubes Cappuccino (Bag/Sweet)
Nestle Kit Kat Kubes Orange (Bag/Sweet)
Lindt Excellence Crunchy Caramel (Big Bar)
Guylian Milk (Big Bar)
Swiss Delice Lait Aere (Big Bar)
Swiss Delice Marc De Champagne (Big Bar)
Nestle Aero (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly (Big Bar)
Nestle Double Chocolate (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk (Big Bar)
Swiss Delice Creation Irish Coffee (Big Bar)
Foxs Rocky Toffee Crunch (Biscuit Bar)
Master Foods Bisc and Milky Way (Biscuit Bar)
Bahlsen Pick Up Noir (Biscuit Bar)
Guylian Low Carb Milk Chocolate (Big Bar)
NewTree Digest with Lemon (Big Bar)
NewTree Blackcurrant Dark Chocolate (Big Bar)
Nestle Nuts (Standard Bar)
Nestle Smarties Big Flavas (Bag/Sweet)
Nestle Smarties White (Bag/Sweet)
Kraft Toblerone One by One (Bag/Sweet)
Nestle Kit Kat Kubes Mint (Bag/Sweet)
Master Foods Maltesers White (Bag/Sweet)
Michel Cluizel Milk Chocolate Pure Java (Big Bar)
Master Foods M & Ms Crispy (Bag/Sweet)
Maestrani Munz (Standard Bar)
Valrhona Jivara Lait (Big Bar)
Master Foods M & Ms Peanut (Bag/Sweet)
Nestle Rolo Irish Cream (Bag/Sweet)
Cadbury Shots (Bag/Sweet)
Kraft Milka Choco-Swing (Big Bar)
Jamesons Ruffle Lemon & Lime (Standard Bar)
Green and Blacks Butterscotch (Big Bar)
Nestle Smarties (Bag/Sweet)
Nestle Smarties Black & White (Bag/Sweet)
Cadbury Bournville Extra Dark (Standard Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk 99 (Standard Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk 99 Mint (Standard Bar)
Kraft Milka Hazelnuts (Big Bar)
Kraft Milka Raisins and Hazelnuts (Big Bar)
Kraft Milka White (Big Bar)
Cadbury Snack Shortcake (Standard Bar)
Nestle Yorkie (Big Bar)
Nestle Aero Mint (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish (Standard Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Wafer (Big Bar)
Co-Op Fair Trade Caramel (Standard Bar)
Co-Op Fair Trade Chocolate Orange Bar (Standard Bar)
Rococo Artisan Cinnamon (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Almond and Honey (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Biscuit (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchie (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Chips (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut (Big Bar)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Chips (Big Bar)
Traidcraft Fair Break (Biscuit Bar)
Master Foods Galaxy Promises Caramel Crunch (Big Bar)
Master Foods Galaxy Promises Rich Coffee (Big Bar)
Master Foods Galaxy Promises Cocoa Crisp (Big Bar)
Master Foods Galaxy Promises Roast Hazelnut (Big Bar)
Lindt Nocciolatte (Standard Bar)
Nestle Pizazz (Bag/Sweet)
Rococo Artisan Cardamom (Big Bar)
Nestle Yorkie Hot Rum (Big Bar)

30/08/2005 23:33:29Texans are here (or are they). Yes the online retailers have got them but has your local shop? Yes, No, either way add the details to our Texan map at

Good to see that there aren't 5 golden tickets world wide (thank god), news of a winner in New Zealand-= (those lucky people down under win a trip to sunny York).

Yet another poll reaffirms what we already knew- Texan is Britain's favourite chocolate bar

Show the rest of the chocolate review community where in the world you are with our guest map-

Finally for this news update, just to let you know there may be some disruption to the images for some bars on the review as the new code for displaying them goes live over the weekend. The biggest noticable changes this will bring are the ability to look at historical wrapper pictures, and an influx of a number of bars that have been scanned but not yet added to the review (including some rather expensive ones so you might need to go down to Waitrose afterwards ;-).
12/08/2005 22:28:23There have been some small changes to the web site, you can now get RSS feeds for new bars and news, and there is an updated feed for newest forum topics (RSS feeds can be read by some web browsers as well as news reader software), look for the RSS icons on the web site.
The update for how chocolate images is nearly ready, once done this should mean a flood of new products as well as the ability to compare old and new wrappers for some products.
Cadburys recipe really is very secret, but surely they arent as creative as Nestle have been recently- link
Those lucky Americans get new bigger M&Ms and also extra colours- link
Cadbury look set to focus on their confectionery products, lets hope it gives their product line a bit more variety- link
Dime becomes Daim (dame) to move inline with the rest of Europe- link
Nestle is apparently trying to keep a lid on Golden Ticket publicity but heres details of one winner- link
Believe it or not pest and disease wipe out a third of the cocoa crop every year, lets hope Reading Uni. can reduce this, chocolate for everyone!- link
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to UK IMAX cinemas (hurrah, mega size on screen choccie)- link
05/08/2005 16:13:36Finally it happened, yes Nestle have responded to all your many many pleas. If you haven't heard already: TEXAN is coming back!
OK it's only for 6 weeks but better than nothing, launch date is 22nd August (thanks to Independent Retail News for the info).

In other news, Cadbury unveil a statue of Elton John as part of their centenary (there seem to have been very few new products to celebrate this) -
new exhibition of publications about chocolate, sadly in America though -
There was a real nightmare for Australians earlier this month when all the Mars and Snickers bars were recalled because of a contamination threat (who on Earth would want to do that?), fortunately no one was seriously hurt and bars have recently been relaunched out there so the crisis is over. -
Nestle have won a major step toward getting the Have a break trademark, sorry Mars. -
Laughing chocolate?, yes scientists now believe that nitrous oxide (laughing gas) produces the best bubbly chocolate. The work was supported by Nestle so perhaps the recipe will make it to Aeros -
New research finds why cats don't have a sweet tooth unlike other mammals, apparently it's down to their DNA -
To mark the release of the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie Newsround goes to a factory (Rococo) -
Dog lovers among you may wish to adopt a puppy named after the new movie -
Britney may name her baby after the book/movie too -

That's all for news at the moment, you should of course all go out and see the new chocolate factory movie (OK granted the river of chocolate isn't made of chocolate, but it nearly was and still looks good) - please post your comments and opinions about the film in our forum.
08/06/2005 22:59:06Sorry for the lack of recent updates, will soon sort that. As for chocolate news here are the most recent stories:
Cadbury to invest in new £40m facility at Bournville
Cadbury buys Green and Blacks so definitely a year of investment for them in this their centenary year
Yet more Cadbury news as they sign a deal with Glasgow University
Cadbury have also launched 99cal bars (which seem a bit pricey to me for what they are), these will appear on the review very soon for your voting pleasure
Some fun facts about the new chocolate factory film due to release in July
And finally will we mark this point in history looking back on times before the invention of the chocolate sausage
probably not.
05/05/2005 22:29:37The final is here. The sweet FA Cup 2005 has been running for the last few weeks and now we're down to the final fight. Maltesers v Rolo.
Rolo beat Caramel in the semi by just two votes. Will the final be this close?
Remember every vote counts.
Vote now at
The winner will be announced on air tomorrow morning at roughly 08:20BST (GMT+1)

Also in the news, Chocolate thieves caught -
Chocolate taster wanted -
Chocolate therapy taken to the max -
03/05/2005 14:43:27Caramel wins through against Aero in the last quarter final of the sweet FA Cup, so now onto the semis with Maltesers v Twix today and Caramel v Rolo tomorrow. Vote now at
Keep an eye out for lots of new products to vote on in the review appearing later this week.
28/04/2005 23:29:03Just 30 minutes left now in the mega clash of the Masterfoods titans Maltesers v Minstrels in the Wave 105 Sweet F.A. Cup 2005. Vote now at
We've already had two upsets with Wispa and Double Decker both missing out in their matches.
Tomorrow marks the start of voting for the last of the quarter finals (Caramel v Aero).
Don't forget our own page for tracking all the matches at
21/04/2005 22:27:38The first round of the Wave 105 sweet F.A. cup is almost over (final match tomorrow). Vote before midnight tonight on Kit Kat v Rolo and tomorrow on Twix v Boost. Full details on and our own page dedicated to following the sweet F.A. cup at

As first reported in February further news that Cadbury is going to rethink the 'Your happiness loves Cadbury' advertising campaign (it only cost £35 million!). Also Nestle's market share has increased to 17.5% from 16.3%. More details can be found here

In case you're not signed up for our notification when new products are added to the review you will now find a growing number of bag/sweet products online (more to add very soon) as well as more varieties of Kit Kat (Mango and Passion Fruit will be added tomorrow).
18/04/2005 15:38:39Further to our mention on the radio on Thursday we got another on Friday too. If you live outside the region you can listen to Wave 105 online at .
The Sweet F.A. cup is aired on Steve Power's breakfast show at 08:20 on weekday mornings. You can vote everyday via the link on their site at
The most recent match saw Aero just beating Snickers with 52% of the vote (contrary to the current vote averages on chocolate review which puts snickers slightly ahead). Todays match is Minstrels versus Yorkie.
14/04/2005 15:26:30Chocolate Review was given a mention this morning on top regional radio station in the South, Wave 105! Wave are running a chocolate F.A. cup at the moment where you can vote every day for the winner of chocolate matches. So far Maltesers are into the quarter finals. Full details and voting form can be found at:

In other news, Kit Kat branches out even further with new Red Berry (available for voting now) and Passion fruit and Mango (available for voting soon). Is there no end to the varieties they can come up with?
New Fair Trade chocolate from Ecuador
The Wonka branding is to return in the summer to coincide with the new film/
Lambs to be fed chocolate??
Nestle to promote Yorkshire as a home for science and innovation
Those lucky Americans get dark chocolate M and M's
And finally again on the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film director Tim Burton sent 200 squirrels to be trained for the film
21/02/2005 13:58:55Once again the range of products covered by ChocolateReview expands. You can now vote for bag/sweet type products (maltesers, minstrels, kit kat kubes, that kind of thing). This is quite timely as we have received the latest press release from Masterfoods stating they are updating their packaging for Maltesers, Minstrels, Revels and M&Ms. From April they are launching a share sized pouch which not only stands up on its own but is also resealable (email users please see the web site for a piccy). We were sent a couple of samples so will do some testing ;-)
Maybe the companies are starting to listen to us, Kit Kat Caramac is now available as a two finger bar (plz leave aside the fact caramac isnt chocolate). Previous discussions and polls on chocolate review have suggested introduction of more caramac products: Caramac was top of our 2001 poll on Nestle products worth making chunky and users oldspice and kevvosa both suggested variations on it in June and July last year.
Kit Kat Caramac will be available to vote on in the next couple of days.

Other chocolate related news:
Lucky Kit Kats
<Homer>Mmmmmm, edible poster</Homer>
Smarties end of the tube
As predicted by users in our forum, your happiness loves Cadbury is a bit of a flop -
Chocolate Venison??
Nestle updating their labelling in April
Various suggestions of Cadbury being taken over, lets hope nothing will come of it
05/02/2005 23:00:45Sorry for the delay between updates, below a bit of a summary of important chocolate news events in the last couple of months:
The medicinal benefits of chocolate never end, this time with a cure for coughs-
As Cadbury enters its 100th year it becomes the most admired company- (although it would be nice if they did a more upmarket chocolate rather than pinning everything on Dairy Milk).
Radioactive chocolate, now you know where all that fizzing/exploding chocolate was invented-
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be released in IMAX, think how great the Chocolate Room will look!-
Clearly the youth of today arent following where we led as UK Chocolate sales slow down, at least we're still number 1!-
Vote to see a celebrity in chocolate- judging by the top 3 it seems most people think the winner will be encased in the chocolate ;-)
Lindt sales go up, presumably as we all start to think quality over quantity (be interesting to see how Swiss Delice have been doing since their launch over here)-
Why oh why did they stop selling Lucky Charms here in the UK?, now those lucky americans can get a chocolate version!-

Finally in the news Nestle are still trying to trademark Have A Break, what's your opinion? Please post in our forum.

Next week we should be adding some bag/box/sweet sized products to the review for the first time, this category includes such delights as Kit Kat Kubes, Rolos, Malteasers etc. get munching now so you're ready to vote :-)
We'll also be having a new poll soon as well.
09/11/2004 13:45:35Been a busy week so here are some more news articles:
Expect new fancy packaging for new fancy products
A chocolate covered road - yay -
Gold medal for UK chocolatier -
Fire at Cadbury (nooo, all that poor defenceless chocolate) -
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory looking darker all the time -
Yet again violence in the Ivory Coast threatens cocoa (and hence chocolate) production and prices -

Also, check out our new game at:
and also Masterfoods new game at: (theres a posting in our general forum where you can put your feedback and highscores)
03/11/2004 23:23:08Our new chat system is now on-line (its on the front page of the site, you cant miss it).

Competition too great? Kraft considering selling off its confectionery business - that means Milka and Toblerone to us:

At last sustainable chocolate:
(if only we could grow our own)

Thieves steal from Cadbury again:

Yes, in case you didnt already know Smarties do contain crushed beetles:

Fancy lemon grass or green tea chocolate?

Chocolate a mere treat?

As always with these news updates expect a few new bars added to the review over the next day or so too.
06/10/2004 12:13:14National Chocolate Week is on NOW
OK it kind of arrived with a whimper rather than a bang (and Im still not sure how official it is), but lets all make the most of it (just in case any of you need a reason for eating chocolate).
Details are at:

Clearly some thieves in Lancashire were aware of it, having stolen £500k worth of Cadbury choccie. Details here:

Have Nestle found a winner? As KitKat Editions caramel is currently your fave snack bar product. Will it still be there as we approach Christmas with masses more new products on the way?
28/09/2004 10:40:11Problem with the poll is now fixed (due to moving servers - sorry). So you can now vote on the issue of taking away our king size bars.
Masterfoods arent going to remove them just change the format into two smaller pieces rather than one big one:
Cadbury are going to get rid of the name king-size in 2005 and probably kill off some of the products (why not bring back pocket-packs?):
Lots of comments on the BBCs site on this:
Always a source of good chocolate related news the Scotsman has a bit of a rant:
27/09/2004 13:23:23Time for another chocolate news update.
Things have been quite quiet in the chocolate market recently but now as Christmas is coming everything is picking up pace:
First - try our new forum
Wedding couple in cream egg car
High tech science is giving more insight into the complex world of chocolate
Choco-bribery for over 50s
Thorntons having a bust up, with itself
Food and Drink Federation take away our beloved king size bars

Too much interference or a good thing? Vote in our new poll online now.

Finally a very large number of new products are going to be added to the review tonight to bring it a bit more up-to-date. Any of you who have subscribed to the additional e-mail notification be warned.
26/08/2004 00:08:14Still trying to send these news updates a little more regularly. Some more bigbars will be appearing on site later today.
Three in five men snack on chocolate (its not for girls?) -

Lucky camera lens -

Major chocolate battle on the way - Cadbury take on KitKat -
Nestle take on Dairy Milk -

Have a break, no more -

Lime KitKat on the way -,3604,1279563,00.html

A good editorial for all you Flake fans -

Our next poll will be available soon.
02/07/2004 10:16:27Some changes and upates have been made to the review web site. Firstly apologies to those of you subscribed to the new bar alert, as yesterday we added 17 biscuit bars onto the site (bit better than the 1 we had before).
Second if you use the remember login option the site will automatically log you in next time you visit. Therefore you cannot logout unless you click the special link below the navigation bar on the web site.
Third the old login passwords have been removed (the ones based on bar names), if you were still logging in using this system please e-mail [email protected] for a new password (you can change your password on the Your Details page after logging in).
Lastly we will try and send these news updates more frequently to keep you up-to-date with the chocolate world (probably approx. 1 per week).
Now for the rest of the news:
Cadbury to drop king-size products
One of our biggest fears, a threat to cocoa
Less than half of us eat chocolate to beat stress, come on the rest of you
Unhealthiest snack ever?

Finally more bigbars will be added to the review very soon.
15/06/2004 20:43:31Having spent most of last month in the land of peanut butter obsession (otherwise known as the USA) we are a bit overdue on a news update. So here it is:
If only we all had the money to do this -
More evidence that chocolate (ok, just dark chocolate in this case) is good for you -
and some chocolate that wouldnt be good for you -
proof for all of us that living on chocolate is possible -
OK, we all agree chocolate is really good but is this taking things too far -
Low-carb chocolate on the way, comment in our forum on how you good you think these will be -
More details of the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -
An interesting concept but one that wont appear in the review if ever released -,4057,9732258%5E1702,00.html
Hurrah, no fat tax -
The French get even more exotic chocolate combinations (lavender,mango!) -

Our new poll is also on-line, this time we want your views on the new lighter chocolate bars that are being released this summer.
New chocolate products will also be added to the review over the next week.
28/04/2004 15:35:35Well now that you're all filled up from Easter chocolate those clever marketing people are starting to come up with some new products to keep you going till Christmas.
Chocolate aimed at muslims:
Summer KitKat:

Getting your priorities right but compromising personal and corporate security in the name of choc?!?:
Addicted to chocolate, not a chance:§ion=news
Another one of those SMS promotions:
Chocolate can help you diet:
Row over Chocolate Gold Bunnies:
Chocolate also good for pregnancy:

Sadly several UK chocolate operations are downsizing we hope this isn't the beginning of the end for the our beloved industry:
and employees clearly get a bit annoyed by it all:

Don't forget finishes soon, but there's still a chance you can get hold of a Mars Delight before they enter the shops.
11/03/2004 00:19:54Finally we're starting to add different types of chocolate onto the review site. In time we'll be separating the content into:
Snack Bars (typically <100g)
Big Bars (typically >100g)
Biscuit Bars (typically <15g and containing some kind of biscuit base)
Sweets N Boxes (Choc. available in rolls, bags and boxes)
Other (any other types of choc. we haven't otherwise covered)
Discontinued (any choc. products that haven't been available for 12 months+). I've got a whole load of products to add over the next week, so please check the site regularly for your fave. products.

Many of you will have heard of the so called Nestle crisis going on at the moment (basically their sales are way down).
One current possibility to raise kitkat sales are new flavours (more details here ), so just to get an idea of what everyone who reads ChocolateReview thinks we've added a new poll on what kind of KitKat you'd like to see (in no way endorsed by Nestle).
Don't forget the KitKat Biggest Break on 12th March at 15:00 (a good excuse for a 15minute break & choccie :-)
Also Chocollect take 2, otherwise known as seems to be going quite well so far, and there's a chance to win a Mars Delight!
Mars Delight won't be on sale in Britain until May (lucky people in Northern Ireland have been able to buy them for ages).

Chocolate in the media:

Anyone want to propose a green wrappered choc bar?

'Heatproof' Chocolate;

Less variety is more;

KitKat no longer top?,3604,1151271,00.html

Clearly unaware of the many benefits of Chocolate;

Almost reason enough to switch careers;

What you already know to be true;
23/11/2003 new feature:
You can now review your favourite bars on the chocolatereview web site. Simply view your bar and click the "Write Your Review" link (note reviews are visible only after being approved by a chocolatereview administrator).
There have also been a few bars added to the site recently so we now have 231 bars on which you can vote!

Once again its been a while since our last news release so below is a collection of recent chocolate related stories in the media:

Low sugar dairy milk, noooo!:

Copper - yet another reason for eating choc.:

Finally someone testing biodegradable packaging:,2106,2715270a6026,00.html

Choc to carry health warning:

Jobs to go at Cadbury:§ion=finan


Hi-tech Venezuelan choc coming soon:,24195,3555300,00.html

As some of you may have already seen, the Ambassador is back, and has had a sex change!:

Matchmakers re-launched as 'trendy' product:

If only we could all lose weight the Uma Thurman way:

Chocolate Jewelry, not actually made of chocolate ($700 being a bit pricey if it were):,13005,901031006-490673,00.html

If you're bored, measure the speed of light With chocolate and a microwave!:

Reverse psychology to stop kids wanting choccie?:

Only a criminal would leave their candy bar behind:

Lucky Brazilian kids:
15/09/2003 01:12:09A lot has been happening recently in the news so here is a Chocolate News Round-Up!

From Nestle: 'get your hands on a limited edition chocolate bar. Aero Chunky White, Milkybar Milk & Cookies, and Kit Kat Orange. And look out for the 'Blokie' Yorkie wrapper too.'

Cadbury keeps its word even after 44 years:

Choco-vader that sounds like a game we can all relate to:

London Chocolate Week coming 13-19 October:

And proof that you can live on chocolate alone (well that and water):,2106,2645193a11,00.html
27/08/2003 09:12:46Chocolate good for you (again)! This time dark chocolate gets press attention for apparently containing substances that lower blood pressure:
No word yet on whether anyones invented an Atkins style diet where you just eat chocolate products :-)
20/08/2003 09:49:47The new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (due for release in 2005) is going to be directed by Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp. Full story at
As long as there are still 'rivers of chocolate' I'm sure we'll all be happy.

Thanks this week go to the nice people at who added a link on their site to the chocolate review. Check snackspot for all the latest sightings and rumours on snacking related products (not just choccie).
15/08/2003 09:41:33Nestle Kit Kat Kubes

In an area really dominated by Mars (minstrels, malteasers, m&ms) Nestle are about to launch Kubes (bite size versions of Kit Kat).
With a 48million pound marketing campaign and the biggest brand in countline bars can they lose?

Full story here:
24/07/2003 13:39:43Chocolate Mousetrap (from
Yes, apparently mice are more interested in chocolate than cheese (please lets not start the chocolate AND cheese debate again).
Seems a bit of a waste to me mixing chocolate with plastic.
Full story:
03/07/2003 15:18:00Has the world suddenly got a conscience about fat?
Kraft (the food giant) says that its going to take action on portion sizes and change its advertising practices (, and everyone claims that anyone who makes fatty foods is at risk from legal action.
Perhaps most worrying of all is UK doctors calling for a tax on saturated fats, this may mean more expensive chocolate for us all (!

With this we launch our latest poll, should there be a VAT on fatty foods?

Also new to our site is a fun and games page which currently features 2 chocolate bar related quizzes for you to test your chocolate knowledge on, see it now at

That's all for now, expect news on the review's expansion into different chocolate bar types very soon.
09/06/2003 16:17:01New Chocolate on it's way!
According to Swiss firm Migros is going to launch its Delice range in September (currently in final discussions with supermarket chains).

Take a look at their range at which all looks very nice (not sure about the pasta and potato products tho!). Be particularly interested their chocobloc product which looks like a toblerone thats got a bit crushed.

More news soon.

13/05/2003 20:47:17Renaming of Wispa: Follow up.

Further to the news that Cadbury are to replace their Wispa bar with Dairy Milk Bubbles Cadbury are to re-brand Turkish Delight and Caramel as Dairy Milk brands.
This will turn Dairy Milk into an even bigger super-brand (presumably to overtake the impact of the KitKat brand?).
Comments as always to our forum please.
09/05/2003 08:22:57Cadburys Wispa Shock!
A report in the magazine Marketing Week claims that Cadbury will be replacing Wispa with a bar called 'Dairy Milk Bubbles' in August!
Wispa vote averages in the review are currently between 5.3 to 7.4 (for all the different varieties), and the Wispa itself is one of the most voted on bars. Figures for Dairy Milk are almost identical so one wonders what Cadbury hope to achieve by this change?
Full story on this from BBC News at:

Comments to our forum as always.

06/05/2003 12:49:24New poll on site. This time given the new promo's from Nestle (£1million win) and Mars (chocollect) we're asking which promotions on chocolate you prefer.
Login to and express your view.

We also have a new logo on site, so any comments on this please login to our forum.
You'll notice that references to 'Bars' have been generally removed from the site this is because we will very soon be adding different types of choccy to the review. Stay tuned for further updates.

19/03/2003 23:46:45
Chocolate on BBC Programme Tonight (20th March)

Tonight on BBC2 at 8:30p.m. (GMT) is the BBC's new short series on "The Nations Favourite Food".
The first episode is about comfort food, including chocolate (of course). A programme we'd like to think we helped make (well 10 minutes on the phone to a researcher and our web page and unofficial polls for them as some of you will no doubt remember).
Post viewing comments welcome in the forum.
18/03/2003 15:10:36Charlie and the Chocolate Factory voted best adventure book.

Still hoping to find that "river of chocolate".
Full story at:
11/03/2003 12:19:48Sorry last URL should have been:

11/03/2003 12:17:46It's official we're all confectionery crazy; read more at:

Win some choccie at:

And finally take a "break"?:
26/02/2003 13:23:09Nestle have responded to the petition RE: Texan, here's what they had to say:
Thank you for your recent email.

We were pleased to learn how much you enjoy our Texan Bars and had a look at your website which we found very interesting. We take great care to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that they reach the public in first class condition.

Your other comments have been noted and a copy of your email has been passed onto our Innovations Team for their information. Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us. We hope that you will continue to enjoy our products in the future.

So maybe their 'innovations team' will have thoughts about whether the market can sustain another chewy bar (besides Lion and DoubleDecker).

23/02/2003 15:38:04Ranking system added.
Yes see how much variety of chocolate you have tried compared to everyone else! Your rank is based on what percentage of products in the Chocolate Review you''ve voted on and is displayed on the ''Your Details'' page and also on the Forum system.
17/01/2003 10:01:02Yay, the European court has ruled against Spain and Italy so they won''t be able to call UK chocolate "Chocolate Substitute". Read all the details here:
19/12/2002 18:14:55Oh No, potential price rise for all things chocolate.
Look here:
Any comments use the forum
06/09/2002 16:31:17Petition service now on-line.
Any bars now recognised as being 'No Longer Available' have a link to add your e-mail address to a petition to bring that bar back. Once we have 100 e-mails on a petition it will be sent to the relevant manufacturer.
05/08/2002 10:38:33Nestle Response on Texan:
Texan Bar was one of our winners from the recent "discontinued bars" poll. Here's Nestle's response:-
Texan was launched in 1975 [at 6p], achieved its peak sales two years later and was withdrawn in 1985 [at 20p]. The reason was the miners' strike of 1984. How come? Well, the product was made in Halifax and the strike prevented lorries entering and leaving the plant. Extraordinary but true, I'm told. If the public clamoured for Texan's return I expect we would at least consider it - but please don't take that as an indication that we're likely to reintroduce it!
So there you have it choc bar killed by miners strike. The nice people at Nestle also sent some piccies which will be on site very soon.
31/07/2002 10:14:46The BBC NEED YOU!
That's right the BBC need your input. They're making a new TV series about food and one section is to be about comfort food (naturally including chocolate). If you would like to contribute please read our BBC page.
We've also created 2 extra polls the results of which will be sent to the BBC.
31/07/2002 10:06:22New Poll. Vote now on our latest poll about which is about your favourite bar size.
Thanks to all those who voted on our last poll (which bar would you bring back if you could), in the end it was a dead heat between Frys Five Centres and the infamous Texan bar.
We'll be asking Cadbury if they have any comment on the results (they own the Frys brand). If anyone knows who produced Texan please e-mail [email protected]
31/07/2002 09:55:49Finally all the Marks and Spencer bars are on-line. All 22 of 'em are ready for you to vote on.
14/06/2002 16:48:51New Section-Other Chocolate products
This section currently shows chocolate products not covered by the review.
Expect to be able to vote on them very soon.
14/06/2002 16:02:50NEW Memorabilia section.
A new section on the review containing your memories of chocolate. More photos and functions coming soon.
04/06/2002 23:24:44Two new bars for you to vote on (finally); Cosmic Missile and Ruffle.
Some new wrappers will be on-line soon and also a couple of new sections to the web site!
28/02/2002 18:45:38Contrary to their previous denial about a possible KitKat Milky (details in the forum 24th September), Nestle are now producing KitKat White (in chunky form). Details are on-line now for you to vote!
28/02/2002 18:42:31Nestle have replied to the results of our last poll on 'chunky' bars. Nestle say that although they do not have any plans to produce any of the new bars suggested they never-the-less appreciate the feedback and interest that our poll shows.
18/02/2002 09:17:16New Feature: KitKat Chunky, Dream, Crunchie and Dairy Milk all have plan and cross-section images as well their wrapper photos!
18/02/2002 09:14:30The results of our chunky chocolate poll have been sent to Nestle (the winner was caramac).
17/01/2002 09:08:12Poll system fixed!

OK so the Chocolate poll was broken but it's fixed now so vote away!

07/01/2002 14:37:33New look for 2002!

What do you think of the new look site?
Put your comments in the forum.

29/11/2001 12:19:32New URL!
From now on this site will be at:

Please update your favorites.

08/11/2001 15:12:34Chocolate Poll on-line. Yes you can now vote on important chocolate bar related issues using our new polling system.
See the Chocolate Poll on the far right of the Chocolate Bar Review home page.
18/10/2001 13:29:27It's Christmas!

Well that's what the shops would have you believe.
Check out our Christmas page to see some of what's available this year.

If you come across any weird and wonderful chocolate Christmas items, add them to the forum.

05/10/2001 15:45:50More bar information...
Most bars now have their tagline and description listed on their individual page.
17/09/2001 17:20:43Another new bar added. This time the limited edition peanut sub from Cadbury.
Add your votes/comments now.
30/08/2001 16:48:22Twix Mint now on site along with images for all the recent additions.

Coming Soon: Bars descriptions and historical wrapper photos!

28/08/2001 09:58:44More new bars: Sainsburys Tipsy Orange Indulgence
Sainsburys Eastern Ginger Promise
Nestle Aero Honeycomb
All ready for you to vote on. Picture will be up soon and I hope to get my hands on a mint twix as well.
16/08/2001 13:39:52New features: You can now view the distribution of votes for a particular bar as well as how it's average has varied over time (vote history). From the bars page you can also view individual pages about the manufacturers of bars that feature in the review. Yet more features will be added soon!
14/08/2001 13:01:54Even more bars!
Newly added are:
Sainsburys Belgian Seashell
Sainsburys Triple Nut Temptation
Sainsburys Citrus Seduction
Green & Blacks Maya Gold
Green & Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate
Cadburys Westlife (oh dear)
Foxs Echo
Tesco White Chocolate
All photos will be added soon.
09/08/2001 00:05:45Three new bars Snickers Cruncher, Dime Cola, Caramel Whip. Photo's coming soon along with a whole host more bars and features on the site!
01/08/2001New Database system! I've re-done the database and you'll be seeing some big improvements over the next couple of days.
03/05/2001Two new bars on the review (one new, one old): Wonka Xploder and new Galaxy Liaison. Add your votes now!
19/04/2001New Bar! Nestlé impress us again with yet another addition to the KitKat family: KitKat Chunky Orange click the link to view it's details or if you've already tried it vote your marks out of 10 (photo coming soon).
16/03/2001New look and new bars!
There's a better look and feel to the site (add your opinion to the forum), and we've added Bournville, Terry's Waifer, Nuts About Caramel Double Chocolate, Premier League, Reese's Cups, Lindt Excellence, Mega Munch, Milky Lunch and some updated details (notably Mars and Snickers Big One instead of King Size and the new Lion King Size).
01/12/2000Bobby's Milk Chocolate Honeycomb and Toffee Crisp Orange have been added (along with images for the mint variants added on the 24th).
24/11/2000Mars 5 Little Ones has been on a little while, and now there's KitKat Mint and Aero Mint Chunky, both have been available before but I didn't have wrappers for them ;-)
06/11/2000Finally I found a Dubble bar, and its been added to the site. Dubble supports fair trade for cocoa growers and a proportion of the cost of the bar goes to Comic Relief. As a side note it also has one of the highest cocoa levels of 'ordinary' choc bars.
02/11/2000New bars: KitKat Chunky King Size (yum), and Bounty Triple.
20/10/2000Three new bars. Milky Way Banana, Crunchie Tango, and Snickers with no nougat. The image for Aero Orange is updated which is now apparently 'Tangy'.
14/09/2000Aero have released Aero Snow as a limited edition, although this time not as a separate bar (it's just called Aero Limited Edition). Kit Kat Chunky currently has one bite extra free which can't be bad ;-)
04/09/2000NEW BARS, and some wrapper updates. I've added some of the Thorntons bars that are available as well as Cadburys Shush and the all new Cadburys SnowFlake (launched at Anthea Turners wedding no less). You'll also find that Crunchie, Wispa, Wispa Gold, Twix, Twix King size, and MilkyWay Crispy Rolls all have new wrapper designs.
17/08/2000Twix and Twix King Size have changed. They're now with 'crunchier biscuit' and in foil wrappers. Images will be updated soon. Opinions on the new bars and on the industry obsession on foil wrappers in the forum please. Oh and you'll be pleased to hear they have a teeny bit fewer calories ;-)
11/08/2000WAP site on-line. Yes a cut-down WAP version of this site is now available at:
Please send me your comments on it as I don't yet have a WAP phone to test it ;-)
07/08/2000You'll find some of the chocolate bars on this page are now 'linked', this makes it easier to vote for single bars and paves the way for some new features. There'll also be a new look and feel to these pages soon.
03/07/2000The Chocolate Forum is now running! Please add your comments on all things chocolate.
29/06/2000Look out for the NEW Galaxy King Size, it's HUGE! Data and image will appear very soon.
12/06/2000OK I've been away for a while, Cadbury have been busy in my absence, Crunchie Lemonade, and Time Out Chunky Mint have both appeared (with the rather vile Crunchie Mint also re-appearing), and Galaxy have produced Double Chocolate Caramel. Wrappers and details on these bars will appear soon!
Also the new forum is well under way and should be open at the end of the week!
26/04/2000NEW BARS!, I'm just in the process of scanning and adding the images for the following bars that can now be voted on (use the Data chunk at the top of the screen):
10/04/2000Some new bars that'll soon be available: Yorkie Honeycomb, Terry's Blitz.
Also if you're keen on Fry's Spirit (below) try out their web site at: you can win a box of 'em!
10/04/2000Some minor modifications to the Data tables. Now once you've voted for some chocolate bars a requester will alert you if you try and leave the page without submitting your vote (this only works in IE at the moment). I've also merged the Average and number of vote columns, although I doubt this'll improve performance greatly.
16/03/2000Fry's Spirit!!, Cadburys have launched a new series of Chocolate Bars under the banner 'Frys Spirit'.
The bars come in three flavours:
    Velvet Dream (cream liqueur flavour)
    Pina Colada (pina colada flavour)
    Berry Margarita (strawberry margarita flavour)
All three will be present on the Data pages soon.
22/02/2000Bars added today: P'Nut, Twix Choc n Orange, Cadburys Whole Nut & Whole Nut King size. Use the Data chunk at the top of the page to add your votes on these.