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16/10/2011 22:47:50 -

For those of you not following me on the twitters (@choccieman) things at Chocolate Review will have seemed quiet. However, Mrs Chocadmin and I have been clearing our backlog of chocolate and we now have over 1000 products for you to vote on or review! Also the following changes have been made:

  • The main chocolate page also features separation of chocolate by country of origin
  • The chocolate search is now on the home page so it's easier to find that special bar you're looking for
  • Images for chocolate products have been resized and are now (where possible) 500 pixels wide (previously 200)
  • We're gradually adding links for our favourite blogs and sites to individual product pages (details below)
  • The chocolate forum has been upgraded (finally), it therefore has a better UI and will get new additions soon

While only on a couple so far we're gradually adding links from individual product pages to Foodstuff Finds, Jim's Chocolate Mission, Scandybars (truly the most beautiful pictures of chocolate I've ever seen) and Wikipedia. If you know of other quality sites with reviews or mentions of products featured in Chocolate Review please send us an e-mail at [email protected] 


13/03/2011 20:40:51 -

It's been a long time since the last chocolate news (day job getting in the way as always), but I'm a very big fan of Cadbury's Spots (boo) v Stripes (yay) campaign and this has recently moved into its new Race Season. First and foremost to this is the new Big Race bar (replacing the old spots v stripes bar) which is well worth trying. The Stripes team were kind enough to send me some goodies along with some Big Race bars including a frisbee and some spots v stripes top trumps! The Big Race wrapper contains a code for you to enter as quickly as you can via the web site. Also on the web site (and via Facebook) are a number of race challenges such as tea making, typing, bed making etc. - it's well worth a visit, as long as you're clocking up points for team stripes!

In other chocolate related news:

Thanks to MostlyAboutChocolate for giving me a kick to put out an update.


Finally if you weren't already aware Oreo Double Stuff are here in the UK (looks like primarily Asda at the moment). Go out and buy some now, or if the shops are shut read my summary on SnackSpot.


28/11/2010 21:16:58 -

As some of you will know I'm a big fan of Valrhona chocolate so I thought it was about time to bump up the number of their products for voting in the Chocolate Review. 12 Valrhona products have been added today and I urge you all to try as many of them as you can. In the UK some of these can be obtained from Waitrose, the rest from specialist retailers like the Chocolate Trading Co. In Europe and the USA you can go to Valrhona's online shop.

If you've not visited to the site recently you'll also see new products like Twix Fino and Dairy Milk Bliss have been added for your votes and reviews.

Now for some news:

Expect another big update of products to vote on soon - next time it'll be chocolate from Sweden.

17/09/2010 15:36:20 -

The Christmas season is upon us so check out all that lovely Christmas choc in your local supermarket.

It's been a relatively quiet summer but the autumn has brought some interesting chocolate news, here's a summary:

Finally, Cadbury have been running their excellent Spots v Stripes campaign. If you've tried the challenge bar you can now vote on what you think of it (or write a review) on Chocolate Review. You'll also notice Chocolate Review has gone a bit stripey to show our support for the best and (hopefully) winning team :-) Sign up for team stripes here.

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