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It's a Chocolate Christmas!

Yes Christmas has come around again already (at least that's what the chocolate manufacturers would have us believe!).

Here are some of the wonderful limited release items that you should now be able to get from your local supermarket (if you can get past all the Christmas pud's ;-)

  • Mars (in response to Cadbury's 'Yard Of...' series) have release A Metre of Mars, think perhaps they could've been a bit more original.
  • All you malteasers fans should now be able to get those big buckets of them you all like. Likewise all the 'mini' chocolate series (Quality Street, Miniature Heroes etc.) are all available in a variety of sizes (seems to me they get bigger every year).
  • Also available is Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball, exactly the same as the normal orange except in white chocolate.
  • Terry's have also released a new product called 'Neapolitans' these are teeny weeny bars of Terry's chocolate combined with different flavours (e.g. coffee, orange etc.) they're really quite good.
  • Less Christmassy is the new entrance of Harry Potter to the chocolate market. It is now possible to get chocolate frog's and bertie bots every flavour beans (some of the flavours really are foul so I don't recommend them if you have sensitive taste buds ;-)

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