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Daim 2265kJ 540kcal 5.3g protein 58g carbohydrate 32g fat
Dairy Milk 2200kJ 525kcal 7.5g protein 57g carbohydrate 29.8g fat
Dairy Milk Almond and Honey 2175kJ 520kcal 8g protein 57.1g carbohydrate 28.9g fat
Dairy Milk Apricot Crumble Crunch 1900kJ 455kcal 6.9g protein 54.4g carbohydrate 23.2g fat
Dairy Milk Bar of Plenty Berry Fruit Shortcake 2120kJ 505kcal 6.8g protein 60.5g carbohydrate 26.4g fat
Dairy Milk Bar of Plenty Hazelnut 2250kJ 540kcal 8.8g protein 50.6g carbohydrate 33.5g fat
Dairy Milk Bar of Plenty Honey Flakes and Caramelised Pecans 0kJ 518kcal 0g protein 0g carbohydrate 27.6g fat
Dairy Milk Bar of Plenty Toffee Apple 2070kJ 495kcal 6.2g protein 61.5g carbohydrate 24.8g fat
Dairy Milk Biscuit 2165kJ 520kcal 7.5g protein 59g carbohydrate 28g fat
Dairy Milk Bliss Chocolate 2345kJ 565kcal 6.6g protein 48.8g carbohydrate 37.3g fat
Dairy Milk Bliss Hazelnut 2355kJ 565kcal 7.2g protein 47.7g carbohydrate 37.9g fat
Dairy Milk Bliss Toffee 2315kJ 555kcal 6.9g protein 51.6g carbohydrate 35.3g fat
Dairy Milk Bubbly 2190kJ 525kcal 7.6g protein 56.4g carbohydrate 29.7g fat
Dairy Milk Bubbly Milk 2205kJ 530kcal 7.5g protein 56.9g carbohydrate 29.9g fat
Dairy Milk Bubbly Mint 2360kJ 565kcal 6.1g protein 52.5g carbohydrate 36.5g fat
Dairy Milk Bubbly White 2225kJ 530kcal 6.4g protein 59.3g carbohydrate 29.8g fat
Dairy Milk Caramel 2055kJ 490kcal 5.5g protein 60.5g carbohydrate 25.2g fat
Dairy Milk Cranberry 2130kJ 510kcal 7.6g protein 60.9g carbohydrate 26.2g fat
Dairy Milk Cranberry and Granola 2090kJ 500kcal 6.8g protein 60.3g carbohydrate 25.7g fat
Dairy Milk Crunchie 2085kJ 500kcal 6.2g protein 63.3g carbohydrate 24.4g fat
Dairy Milk Double Choc 0kJ 0kcal 6g protein 59.3g carbohydrate 24.7g fat
Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut 2040kJ 490kcal 8.3g protein 55.8g carbohydrate 25.9g fat
Dairy Milk Golden Biscuit Crunch 2280kJ 545kcal 6.2g protein 55.5g carbohydrate 33g fat
Dairy Milk Melts Deliciously Dark 2395kJ 575kcal 5.9g protein 47.9g carbohydrate 40g fat
Dairy Milk Melts Heavenly Praline 2335kJ 560kcal 7.4g protein 49.7g carbohydrate 36.9g fat
Dairy Milk Melts Velvety Milk 2405kJ 580kcal 6.3g protein 48.7g carbohydrate 39.8g fat
Dairy Milk Mint Chips 2115kJ 505kcal 6.5g protein 61.2g carbohydrate 26.1g fat
Dairy Milk Orange Chips 2100kJ 500kcal 6.5g protein 62g carbohydrate 25.3g fat
Dairy Milk Toffee Crunch 2260kJ 540kcal 7.5g protein 62.6g carbohydrate 28.6g fat
Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn 2130kJ 510kcal 7g protein 59.5g carbohydrate 26.5g fat
Dairy Milk Turkish 0kJ 0kcal 0g protein 0g carbohydrate 0g fat
Dairy Milk Wafer 2140kJ 510kcal 7.7g protein 57g carbohydrate 28g fat
Dairy Milk Whole Nut 2275kJ 545kcal 9.1g protein 48.2g carbohydrate 35.2g fat
Dairy Milk with Oreo 2325kJ 560kcal 6.1g protein 53.5g carbohydrate 35.5g fat
Dark 2228kJ 533kcal 8g protein 43g carbohydrate 30g fat
Dark 0kJ 0kcal 0g protein 0g carbohydrate 0g fat
Dark 70% 2131kJ 513kcal 9.3g protein 31.6g carbohydrate 38.8g fat
Dark and Gingerbread 2099kJ 503kcal 7.6g protein 49g carbohydrate 30.7g fat
Dark Chocolate 2330kJ 560kcal 9.4g protein 35.1g carbohydrate 42.5g fat
Dark Chocolate 2127kJ 508kcal 8.4g protein 31.6g carbohydrate 38.7g fat
Dark Chocolate 2320kJ 550kcal 7g protein 43g carbohydrate 46g fat
Dark Chocolate 2209kJ 525kcal 8g protein 31.6g carbohydrate 40.7g fat
Dark Chocolate 2289kJ 551kcal 9.3g protein 36g carbohydrate 41.1g fat
Dark Chocolate 2280kJ 545kcal 7g protein 4g carbohydrate 44g fat
Dark Chocolate 2103kJ 503kcal 4.8g protein 53.3g carbohydrate 29.6g fat
Dark Chocolate (73%) 0kJ 0kcal 0g protein 0g carbohydrate 0g fat
Dark Chocolate and Chilli 0kJ 0kcal 0g protein 0g carbohydrate 0g fat
Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Crisp 2190kJ 515kcal 5g protein 56g carbohydrate 34g fat
Dark chocolate with Almond Pieces 2260kJ 544kcal 10.5g protein 32.4g carbohydrate 41.3g fat
Dark Chocolate with Macadamia 2179kJ 523kcal 6.5g protein 42.3g carbohydrate 36.5g fat
Dark Chocolate with Thyme 2012kJ 481kcal 6.1g protein 36g carbohydrate 34.8g fat
Digest with Lemon 2108kJ 505kcal 8.9g protein 34.4g carbohydrate 36.9g fat
Digestive 2200kJ 525kcal 6.6g protein 59g carbohydrate 29g fat
Divine 70% Dark Chocolate 2296kJ 554kcal 6.7g protein 27.6g carbohydrate 46.3g fat
Divine 85% Dark Chocolate 2430kJ 588kcal 8.9g protein 17.1g carbohydrate 50.8g fat
Divine Coffee 2212kJ 529kcal 6.8g protein 56g carbohydrate 30.9g fat
Divine Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Orange 2291kJ 553kcal 6.2g protein 32.8g carbohydrate 41.8g fat
Divine Fruit and Nut Dark 2230kJ 537kcal 6.9g protein 30.6g carbohydrate 43g fat
Divine Hazelnut 2313kJ 553kcal 7.3g protein 53.2g carbohydrate 34.6g fat
Divine Milk 2260kJ 541kcal 6.6g protein 57.7g carbohydrate 31.5g fat
Divine Mint 2265kJ 546kcal 6.3g protein 31g carbohydrate 44g fat
Divine Orange 2260kJ 541kcal 6.6g protein 57.7g carbohydrate 31.5g fat
Divine White Chocolate With Strawberries 2233kJ 534kcal 7.6g protein 59.9g carbohydrate 29.3g fat
Double Chocolate 2219kJ 532kcal 9.1g protein 49.4g carbohydrate 33.1g fat
Double Chocolate With Caramel Fudge Pieces 2216kJ 531kcal 6.6g protein 56.6g carbohydrate 30.9g fat
Double Chocolate With Mini Marshmallows 2193kJ 525kcal 6.4g protein 56g carbohydrate 30.6g fat
Double Cream 2219kJ 531kcal 8.5g protein 54.8g carbohydrate 30.9g fat


Chocolate Bar Review

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